Your smile adorns you, with that shine in your eyes, your desire and ability to love, a strong force inside you encompasses your mood! True love is given to you as a huge magical gift with a silk white bow, a light flavor of jasmine and strawberry.

It depends on you if it will turn into a dry birch bark or a marshy swamp, turn green as grass in the meadow or bloom as white calla in the middle of the weed, scatter as the salt of the sea breeze or remain an unachievable desired star. It rushes into many capillaries with a frantic light, shines brighter than the sun inside and warms the body of lovers with bliss, soars above the ground with a million storks who carry children for pairs in order to be repeated in them again.

Love is given to you as a chosen one; you deserve it. Realize it, appreciate it, take care of it so that it can shine in your heart full of love. Protect it from the vacillation of being in order to not sell it for three pennies to a tramp in the dessert, all for a sip of dirty water.

Strive to understand your emotions, learn to lead them, use them consciously and for the benefit of relationships with your lover and all of humanity together, keep your family, create a school of inner harmony for the next generation, raise children in this love, have awareness and desire to experience their special love.

You are the muse for your man; you breath with him, your love, debauchery and inspiration. He protects your weakness, understands your emotional feature, protects it and draws strength from it.

Lana Shiy Couture understands woman’s emotions and her ability to analyze and manage them. The dress by Lana Shiy Couture adorns with mood, empowers and shows how beautiful you are in your expressions – emotions! We are extremely pleased to show our collection Mood – the result of many talents, hard work, friendship and love of the Lana Shiy Couture team.

Let the relationships in the families of lovers be harmonious! Let the family of Lana Shiy Couture grow bigger and the world warmer!

Lana Shiy Couture